HTML5 is the next major version of HTML. HTML5 provides some great new features for web designers who love to create readable code and semantically-meaningful layouts. HTML 5 introduces and enhances a wide range of features including: form controls, APIs, dragging and dropping, multimedia, drawing graphics on screen and a lot more.

The new specifications has added quite a few interesting and useful tags for structuring your markup.
In today’s post, we would like to present 12 elegant, free and high quality HTML5+CSS3 Templates for your next project, some of these templates include a step by step tutorials to teach you how to create your own.

1. Touch The Future: Create An Elegant Website With HTML 5 And CSS3

The aim of this tutorial is to create an elegant blog/portfolio for an efficient professional (graphic and web designer or photographer). You will can download the template at the end of the tutorial.

2. Free 2 Column & 3Column HTML5 template

2 column layout and another 3 column with a little contact box, .psd file is included with each template.

3. One-Page Website Template

An HTML5 web template, using some of the new features brought by CSS3 and jQuery, with the scrollTo plug-in.

4. EarthDay HTML5 and CSS3 Template

EarthDay is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template designed to honor Earth Day. Sporting the blues and greens we’ve come to expect from eco-friendly sites, the template should work well for any green inspired content.

5. Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch

Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch

A very basic layout which covers most of the elements we can start coding using HTML5. Basically: the page’s name and it’s slogan, a menu, a highlighted (featured) area, a post listing, an extras section with some external links, an about box and finally a copyright statement.

6. FlipThru HTML5 and CSS3 Template

FlipThru is a 1-column business-oriented HTML5 and CSS3 template that makes extensive use of CSS3 to create a horizontal accordion effect. This effect does work in IE as well.

7. HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using

HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to build a blog page using next-generation techniques from HTML 5 and CSS 3. Pretty much your every day blog design. Header with title, horizontal navigation, content area with comments and form, sidebar and a footer.

Take a look at the markup:

<!doctype html>
	<title>Page title</title>
		<h1>Page title</h1>
		<!-- Navigation -->
	<section id="intro">
		<!-- Introduction -->
		<!-- Main content area -->
		<!-- Sidebar -->
		<!-- Footer -->


8. Simple Website Layout Tutorial

A very Simple web page with HTML 5 and styling with CSS3.

9. Gotta’ love HTML5 & CSS3

A tabbed image gallery but animated using some CSS transitions. All of this is going to be built with HTML5 & CSS3, there is going to be NO use of flash or javascript for this layout.

10. HTML5 CSS3 starting template

It’s always useful to have a base to start a new website build from and what better way to encourage people to use HTML5 and CSS3 than sharing my basic HTML5/CSS3 template.

11. H5 WordPress Theme Template

The H5 Theme Template provides everything you need to create beautiful themes with HTML 5 right now. H5 contains a complete set of theme files and folders, and each file has been meticulously crafted with all of the latest and greatest WordPress functionality.

12. A free HTML5 and CSS3 theme

A truly HTML5 and CSS3 elegant theme with a Fully working Ajax PHP contact form, Uses the ChunkFive font to headings and IE6 & IE7 warning.

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