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6 New jQuery Techniques to Spice Up Your Design Content

6 New jQuery Techniques to Spice Up Your Design Content

Designers are constantly striving to create eye-catching and interactive layouts without losing the usability features that add significant importance to the user’s experience. Since there are various forms of techniques being used nowadays, it can be quite confusing when choosing the perfect one. Content can either help to enhance the design, or serve as a […]

jQuery Waypoints: Scroll-Based jQuery Functions

Creating custom functions with jQuery based on the scroll position of the page just got a whole lot easier. Today i stumbled through an interesting jQuery plugin that i am sure many of you guys will find useful. Waypoints is a small jQuery plugin that makes it easy to execute a function whenever you scroll […]

Using Illustrations in WebDesign: 30 Creative Examples

Using illustration in web design makes it stand out from the crowd by giving the design its own character. Illustrations manage to be unique when designed carefully around your design elements. Below you’ll find 30 beautiful web designs that feature creative illustrations, integrated properly to create a visually pleasing effect.

Dark and Mysterious High Quality Desktop Wallpapers

The more beautiful and elegant Desktop wallpapers are, the better they can challenge our imagination and affect our daily mood. In this collection, you’ll find extremely beautiful and high-quality Dark and Mysterious wallpapers that you may also like for your collection. With so many brilliant desktop wallpapers to choose from, your desktop will never be […]

35 High Definition iPad Wallpapers For A Great Experience

Apple just don’t stop to amaze us with their magnificent products. Today i would like you to check out this beautiful collection of iPad Wallpapers which will definitely change your mind if you don’t have one yet. And if you do, why not customize its look with our hand-picked collection of high definition iPad wallpaper […]

Creating 10 Most-Used Javascript Techniques Using Pure CSS Styling

Whatever content we have, we can present them in an interactive & more responsive ways with CSS styling only. In this article we’d like to present 10 Impressive techniques using pure CSS styling to create simple and interactive website without using Javascript at all. How To Create a Pure CSS Polaroid Photo Gallery Learn how […]

40 Creative Advertisements With Unexpected Ideas

Today, we are going to explore 40 unique ideas of creative advertisements that will make you look twice. Some great techniques and ideas were used in all of these ads and I think they are brilliant! Most images link back to the original authors however there are some that are unknown. Don’t Forget to… subscribe […]

Getting Slim, Spicy, & WordPress-Ready with Top 10 jQuery Plugins

What’s great about jQuery is how easily you can create impressive animations and interactions with a super lightweight size. WordPress awesomeness lies in its fact that it can be customized to power any type of site you like! Now, when we harness the power of WordPress with some sexy jquery magical effects, the possibilities are […]

Spicing Up Your Tumblr Experience: Beautiful Themes, Icons and Apps

Tumblr’s popularity over the last year has increased exponentially. Tumblr is quite flexible, powerful, and, most importantly, simple to work with. What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows you to easily share anything from music, videos, photos, text, links or thoughts from a web browser, email or phone and it’s all customizable. […]

20 NEW & FREE High Quality (X)HTML/CSS Templates

In today’s post, we would like to present 20 elegant, free and high quality XHTML+CSS Templates for your next project (some of them include the PSD-source files). You will also find among these elegant templates a very well written step-by-step tutorials showing you how to create your own. Hopefully some of these will meet your […]