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Long input helper for jQuery 

This checks while you type if the number of characters entered are less than the actual “viewable” characters in an input field. If the characters typed are more, then the text will appear somewhere on the screen so you can see what you have typed so far.

IE Overflow fix (jQuery) 

The Problem What I hadn’t realised (though kicking myself for not realising earlier) is that IE has a different implementation of overflow compared to Firefox or Safari. In particular, Firefox et al, when overflowing an element, it puts the horizontal overflow scroll bar on the outside of the element. The Solution It’s worth noting that […]

PNG Fix with jQuery 

Our game plan went like this: 1. If possible, implement the desired look and feel across all browsers using only CSS and semantic markup. 2. When necessary, serve browser-specific styles using CSS filters. 3. Don’t deploy non-semantic markup just to achieve a specific visual objective in non-standards-compliant browsers. 4. Instead, if only junk markup will […]

Emulating border-color: transparent in Internet Explorer 6 

Fortunately, Internet Explorer 7 supports border-color: transparent, but still, there are hardcore IE6 users and it seems that they will never update their browsers. This post is targetted to the developers that care and dare to make their websites crossbrowser. Thanks to a less known Interner Explorer CSS filter, the transparent border in Internet Explorer […]