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The Big Table Issue 

In the perfect world of a web developer’s life, a data table would have a few columns and rows so it’d fit perfectly in our content area and blends with the rest of the UI elements seamlessly. But in reality, a data table can get very big and ugly especially in financial web applications. A […]

Sortable table (with inline edit) 

DrasticGrid is an Ajax-based datagrid with editing support. It uses MySQL as a data source and it supports pagination, sorting, editing records, adding records and removing records. Pagination is implemented efficiently, only the visible data is sent to the browser. The grid is configurable in many ways, you may specify which columns are shown, and […]

jQuery Column Filters 

jQuery plugin for a quick way of allowing table columns to be filtered by the user. It will add text box’s to the top of each column in a table, by typing into the text box’s you can narrow the number of rows in the table down to those that match your search text.