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6 New jQuery Techniques to Spice Up Your Design Content

Designers are constantly striving to create eye-catching and interactive layouts without losing the usability features that add significant importance to the user’s experience. Since there are various forms of techniques being used nowadays, it can be quite confusing when choosing the perfect one. Content can either help to enhance the design, or serve as a [...]

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hCard.XML is a free microformats hCard parser and reader and may be used on websites’ About pages, or any place you might find suitable. The hCard data (names, contact information, organization, address, etc) is stored in an easily editable xml file and is parsed with javascript into any webpage that contains certain css classes (determined [...]


ColorPicker.XML 2 is a cool AJAX-driven color picker, that enables users to create multiple color pickers on a single webpage, use a set of ready-made skins and color presets in a few minutes. All you have to do is to declare the colorpicker(s) placeholder(s) – a simple with an ID (although, practically any html element [...]

How To Display Author Photo In WordPress 

The beauty of WordPress is it allow multiple authors for a site or even a single post. It is a good practice to show the author photo within a post written by him/her. Besides, we can also add a short “about me” description before or after every posts.

IE7 margin bottom hack! 

Ok! as IE understands everything the wrong way (yes everything it renders its the wrong way ) it understands a margin bottom if it doesn’t have a height a -margin. so the hack is to float the div (or whatever float:left and width:100%; Hope you will find this helpfull!

Psudo Contact Form to you 

Hey all, Wanted to ask if the earlier snippets I posted could be transferred to my name, or if I could change the email on the other name (troy) to I mistyped earlier. Would be great to be counted in that contest as I continue to post. Also, would it be possible to categorize [...]

Simple Animated Menu for Mootools 1.2 

This simple menu lets you add a “flashy” effect (an arrow or other element that follows you across the menu). All you have to do is define a few parameters, no coding required. Easy to use, good documentation, and a zip with everything you need (plus a public domain license).