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6 New jQuery Techniques to Spice Up Your Design Content

Designers are constantly striving to create eye-catching and interactive layouts without losing the usability features that add significant importance to the user’s experience. Since there are various forms of techniques being used nowadays, it can be quite confusing when choosing the perfect one. Content can either help to enhance the design, or serve as a [...]

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qGallery: Prototype gallery application 

Sebastian Brink has developed a nice looking gallery application called qGallery It is really simple to use you just have to upload your images in full resolution together with a simple xml file and include the script and a simple div into the webpage. Everything else is done automatically. The gallery is creating every used [...]


ProtoChart is a new opensource library using Prototype and Canvas to create good looking charts. Features * Line, bar, pie, curve, mix, and area charts available * Multiple data series on same graph * Legend support * Customizable grid, grid border, background * Customizable axis-tick values (both x and y)

Lightview 2: Not just images, now on Prototype 

Lightview was built to change the way you overlay content on a website. * Clean: Designed to compliment your content. * Fast: Smart image preloading. * Easy to customize: You don’t even have to know CSS. * Rounded: Adjustable rounded corners, without PNGs. * Smart resizing: Content will always fit on your screen. * Custom [...]

Accordion Menu script 

A list based vertical menu with nested content that expand and contract when the user clicks on a menu header. Specify which menu headers are expandable, style the headers differently depending on whether its content is expanded or not, and specify whether persistence of the menu states within a browser session should be enabled. Clean [...]

Step Carousel Viewer 

Step Carousel Viewer displays images or even rich HTML by side scrolling them left or right. Users can step to any specific panel on demand, or browse the gallery sequentially by stepping through x number of panels each time. Contents for the Step Carousel Viewer can be defined either directly inline on the page or [...]

Unobtrusive Slider Control V2 

Whenever a slider has focus, the arrow keys ←, →, ↑ and ↓ can be used to control the slider handle, the Home key to set the slider at it’s minimum value and the End key to set the slider at it’s maximum value. The slider can be associated with both text input and select [...]