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This jquery component let you easly build a sliding panel where to insert any kind of content; it has builtin all the functionalities for managing menu lines and sub panels with accordion effect. It can get the content via ajax and therefore you can dynamically build it by passing DATA via request using the metadata […]

MGFX.Tabs 1.1 for MooTools 

Quite a while ago, I released a simple-to-use MooTools tabs class, and it continues to be one of the most frequented posts on the site. With so many people obviously desiring a MooTools tabs plugin, I’ve added a few new features to the plugin, as well as moved it to Github for inclusion in the […]

Getting Closer to Google Closure 

After Google Introduced Closure Library I wanted to get a closer look on it. here’s what I’ve come to. Closure Library is a broad, well-tested, modular, and cross-browser JavaScript library. Web developers can pull just what they need from a wide set of reusable UI widgets and controls, as well as lower-level utilities for the […]

Skinnable Form Elements 

Forms.JS is the successor of 6 separate controls for form styling, now consolidated in a single powerful component that will give you total control over the form elements on your page without any additional markup or sophisticated JavaScript.