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6 New jQuery Techniques to Spice Up Your Design Content

Designers are constantly striving to create eye-catching and interactive layouts without losing the usability features that add significant importance to the user’s experience. Since there are various forms of techniques being used nowadays, it can be quite confusing when choosing the perfect one. Content can either help to enhance the design, or serve as a […]

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WebTwo Ajax SlideShow 

First of all, WebTwo Ajax SlideShow is a small proof of concept. It was ment to demonstrate the capabilities of Ajax as a SDK and to show that with a few lines of code most of the capabilities that once were only offered by commercial softwares can be easily recreated. It relies on few background […]

Rich Ajax slide shows with DHTML and XML 

Personal image-management applications such as Apple® iPhoto® on the Macintosh® have popularized the slide show view. In a slide show, the images appear in a timed sequence, with images fading in and out. In addition, the images are moved and zoomed in what has become known as the “Ken Burns Effect.” In this example, I […]

Slideshow / Gallery 

* Fade, Slide and Wipe transitions * loops * Play, Stop, Next and Previous controls * Inits from array of image src’s, a list of images on the page or using the href of an a tag like the lightbox

Style your corners with this JQ plugin 

Corner adorners are all the rage in web design these days. Designers say that plain old right-angle corners are so Web 1.0 now. However, some of the techniques to take the edge off corners use extra markup that is only there to support the decoration, which violates the separation of content and presentation. Now that’s […]

JQ Rating Plugin 

This is a jquery plugin for star rating systems. The intial inspiration for this script came from “Wil Stuckey’s” star rating system. But the original script requires too much coding. Also it does not have provision for developing a star system (such as GMail, where you star or un star an email). I have modified […]

Fancy Forms with MooTools 

FancyForm is a powerful checkbox replacement script used to provide the ultimate flexibility in changing the appearance and function of HTML form elements. It’s accessible, easy to use and degrades gracefully on all older, non-supporting browsers.

Flickr Gallery with MooTools 

Another javascript slideshow? Uh oh, another Javascript slideshow using a popular framework! Fear not — MooPix isn’t a slideshow, it’s a way for you to access your public Flickr photos without doing PHP, Ruby, or Python situps. What you do with it is your perrogative.

Frontpage SlideShow: Uber slideshow system for Joomla!, Mambo and any PHP based site! 

“Frontpage SlideShow” is a Javascript/CSS based only slideshow system combining text and images to create “slides”, as well as (slide) navigation. These “slides” are being rotated one after the other with various fade effects, while text can be displayed/integrated anywhere inside the slideshow (see the various templates showcased on the right column menus). The slideshow’s […]

Accordian “like apple” 

John Resig, author of jQuery demonstrated how easy is create this simple slide aka drawer aka accordion effect during @media Ajax 2007 – it also makes for a great introduction to jQuery. The effect is commonly known as an ‘accordion’ and it’s usually used to slide up, or down blocks of content to expose new […]