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The AJAX Suite 1.0 

Get most of the website widgets and tools I’m developing in a single package that is regularly updated. Whenever a new script or script update is available, it will be included in the download file.


After researching every single modal window, lightbox, slimbox, etc out there nothing fit the bill. Granted some of them were very nice but only fit a specific purpose, others were a nightmare on the code end, and others were just hacks of another. None of them truly supported all of the features we needed and […]

FrogJS Image Gallery 

FrogJS is a simple, unobtrusive javascript gallery. It’s not a replacement for other thumbnail galleries like Lightbox JS, but a different way of showcasing galleries. This type of gallery is best used when a page-by-page gallery is needed, as is the case with photo stories.

Bevel and Shadows with JS 

bevel.js 1.1 allows you to add bevels (and also shading, shining and glowing) to images on your webpages (alternatively: glossy.js). It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. It works in all the major browsers – Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, Safari and IE6+. On older browsers, it’ll degrade and your visitors won’t notice […]

Runded corners with JS including DW plugin 

What is curvyCorners? curvyCorners is a free JavaScript program that will create on-the-fly rounded corners for any HTML DIV element, that look as good as any graphically created corners. Why use curvyCorners? Because it’s easy! You can add rounded corners to your DIVs in seconds. No image editing required. Should I use curvyCorners? It’s up […]

Using CSS and JS together for cooler navigation 

When it comes to creating the navigation part of your Website, the first thing you might think of is an unordered list that you style as tabs. Lately, such navbars are everywhere, as many people believe they’ll make their site more Web 2.0-compatible. Personally, I just think they’re semantically better and accessible. In this article […]