Plus Size Image Viewer 

Plus Size Image Viewer automatically adds a caption beneath certain images that when clicked on launches a “plus size” version of the image. The enlarged image can be a different image from the original, so the former is loaded only on demand when requested.

Flex Level Popup Menu 

Enhance arbitrary links on your page with some multi level powers with Flex Level Popup Menu! It lets you associate a multi level drop down menu to any link on the page, so moving the mouse over the link activates the menu to be shown beside it. Each pop up menu is simply defined as [...]

SlideDeck jQuery Plugin – Simplify Your Web Content 

SlideDeck is a new way to display content on websites, mobile phones and kiosks. It delivers a better user experience by removing the information overload and providing a fun, quick and beautiful way to interact with digital devices. Use as a product tour slider, decision tree, how-to and more!