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15 Days with JQuery 

What is jQuery? I consider it the Swiss Army knife of javascript – it’s small, versatile, and has almost zero learning curve. Why should I care? If your project calls for AJAX or DOM scripting and you need it done quickly, with minimal fuss, and you believe in keeping things simple, then jQuery might be […]

Multiple File upload with JQuery 

Goal #1: To permit multiple file uploads using one file input element… and to make the whole interaction sexy. Goal #2: To make multiple file uploads sexy… without sacrificing usability. The focus here is unobtrusive javascript to shape a form with multiple file input fields.

Improved Current Field Highlighting in Forms 

As a matter of usability and aesthetics, it is a good thing to add some kind of visual feedback on web forms to indicate the currently active (or “focused“) field. Some browsers (Safari/Opera) have decided that is so important, that it take matters into it’s own hands and applies a glowy blue border around active […]