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15 Days with JQuery 

What is jQuery? I consider it the Swiss Army knife of javascript – it’s small, versatile, and has almost zero learning curve. Why should I care? If your project calls for AJAX or DOM scripting and you need it done quickly, with minimal fuss, and you believe in keeping things simple, then jQuery might be […]

Multiple File upload with JQuery 

Goal #1: To permit multiple file uploads using one file input element… and to make the whole interaction sexy. Goal #2: To make multiple file uploads sexy… without sacrificing usability. The focus here is unobtrusive javascript to shape a form with multiple file input fields.

Rounded Corners with JQuery 

There are many other ways to create rounded corners – some involving no images whatsoever. On the jQuery site there’s a plugin for making rounded corners without images. It’s not for everyone (or every application) but worth checking out. Don’t ask me to break down the code because it’s pretty intense and chok full of […]

Fade in Spoiler Revealer 

jQuery has some really simple built in features for “fading in” and “fading out” different page elements. I thought we could exploit some of those functions for a really simple Spoiler Revealer.