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Auto-Complete Field with jQuery

I thought i would write this tutorial because most of the auto completer applications i have seen just dump the code into a zip and tell you how to use it rather than how and why it works, knowing about this enables you to customise it a lot more (this has been demonstrated with the […]

Validate Forms (jQuery)

Forms are such a common element on the Internet we tend to blunder through them without too much thought. However, if the web site has added a few nice touches that make the process easier, it tends to speed up the process and reduce any frustration in finding our preferred username (i.e. try getting your […]

Crossfade Transitions with Images

A frequent query and request I receive (and have myself) as a developer is: “how can I fade one image in to another?”. In particular, Nathan Wrigley of, needed a method one image into another mouse rolls over, and the slowly fade back once the mouse has left. Image rollovers were the staple JavaScript […]

Text Box Hints (jquery)

You will see a lot of web sites with search boxes have text already populated inside of the field and when you select the input text box it disappears and reappears when it’s not selected. This tutorial will show you how can add a small amount of jQuery to add this feature to any of […]

Auto-Populate Select Fields (jquery)

If you are familiar with using select boxes for categorisation and sub-categories, such as ebay does when selling an item, usually this can require a lot of JavaScript to maintain the select boxes, but jQuery can hugely simplify this task by adding a dash of AJAX.

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