Image Power Zoomer 

Image Power Zoomer gives any image on your page the ability to be magnified when the mouse rolls over it. A “magnifying glass” that appears over the image lets the user zoom in on any portion of it as it follows the cursor around. Furthermore, the magnification power can be adjusted on the fly by [...]

Create Animated Navigation Menu From Stratch 

Authenticjobs has a nice navigation menu. How could it be nice? The navigation will automatically shifted to the menu that we choose. Now in this tutorial, I’d like to discuss how to make not only an animated navigation like that but also an informative one. menu.png (10 KB)

How to Use jQuery to Make Slick Page Transitions 

Adding the final touches to a site can be the difference between a polished and beautiful site that looks “refined,” and a mediocre site that leaves no impression on visitors. jQuery, the versatile JavaScript library, can be leveraged to create all these fine tuned elements. javascipts.jpg (2 KB)