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27+ Handy Javascript Techniques for Web Designer

Javascript is such an useful script language. It is used in many web sites to add functionality, validate forms, randomize images, and much more. Although it is not required to be pro coder, there are some useful techniques every web designer should know. In this post you will find 27+ useful JavaScript techniques, scripts, method […]

Dojox Data Chart

The latest addition in the Dojo 1.3 release is the new dojox.charting class, DataChart. Its primary purpose is to make connecting a chart to a Data Store a simple process. There are also other benefits with DataChart: less parameters are needed to create

SimpleTabs by Komrade

After not finding a simple, lightweight script to create tabs -without being based on external JS libraries- I decided to create my own. It’s called SimpleTabs and you can read more about it here: Notable features: * It does not depend on any third-part library like jQuery, Mootools etc. That means it won’t conflict […]

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