Web tools – help when writing some code page 

All web tools that will help you when designing web pages in one place. Here are the current available tools : ASCII Name * ASCII List * ASCII Table * ColorPicker Wheel * ColorPicker Web Name * ColorPicker Web Safe * ColorPicker Web Safe BW * CSS BODY Style Generator * Country Information. Simply select [...]

Skinnable Forms 2.0 

Forms.JS is the successor of 6 separate controls for form styling, now consolidated in a single powerful component that will give you total control over the form elements on your page without any additional markup or sophisticated JavaScript. All you have to do is to add a single line of JavaScript in the head section [...]

Weekly Design Inspiration #11 

This is our selection of our favorite web designs from the past week, some sites we discovered, but the most of them have been recommended by our readers.I will gives you a weekly design inspiration of web design consisting of 20 to 25 design concept. To get your creative juices going. If you have a [...]

Free CSS Music DJ Blue Template 

CSS Orange Music Blue DJ Template, A fixed width, Two columns, Black, Dark Blue and White colours with css tableless design, Web2.0 Inspiration, Top Header Gold Menu Navigation Bar, English Language, Left Sidebar, To change the text, content, links etc. open the index.html in your preferred HTML editor, whether it be notepad, dreamweaver or frontpage, [...]