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Skinnable Web 2.0 Buttons 3.0 

The new version goes really semantic and 100% customizable! Say goodbye to the skins from the previous versions. Say hi to the button styles. You may choose between 8 different styles of slick, glassy, bevelled, cool looking and variable in width Web 2.0 buttons to which you can set any font and background color you […]

jQuery Degradable Popups 

Do you want to have image preview popups, but want the links to still work if JavaScript is disabled? The following just changes the href value of the link by inserting the URL it was pointing to into a JavaScript function call.

Expand and Collapse Navigation 

I’d like to create a vertical navigation that will expand and collapse to show and hide sub-navigation using only unordered lists and as few class/id names as possible. In the course of Dissecting Code, I’ve seen some many unnecessary classes and I’d like to make sure that the core xHTML is as clean as possible […]

Skinnable Web 2.0 Buttons 

Welcome to the new version of Skinnable Web 2.0 buttons. Just a few months after its first version, here is the new one – AJAX-driven, easily configurable and with a slightly different html rendering. Among the important changes that come with this release is that you don’t need to copy / paste the html code […]