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jquery.expose 1.0.1 – A Form of PopUp 

The effect of the exhibition was first presented in tools such as overlay. In general, the effect is an integral part of the program and can not be used separately. This tool takes the idea of an exhibition of a little more. It is a tool that can be used as a useful general-purpose display. […]

Creating a stylish Minimal Contact form 

A contact form is pretty much a necessity for any website these days, creating one is fairly simple. Making them look good is where the real skill lies. By using some simple Css rules your forms can really rock! This is what we are aiming to end up with; Preview Live Preview form full The […]

jQuery Watermark / Hint plugin: EZPZ Hint 

A simple jQuery plugin for showing a text field’s label inside the textbox itself. The hint disappears when it is given focus, and appears again if the inputted text is empty. Typically used for search and login forms. This plugin works in all modern browsers, and it even works with password field hints.

Clean Accessible Form Foundation 

As soon as you drop tables you find that making nicely formatted and accessible forms is not that simple. There are many discussed methods to achieve this and there will always be something to argue about them. Check out this Clean Accessible Form.