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Skinnable Form Elements 

Forms.JS is the successor of 6 separate controls for form styling, now consolidated in a single powerful component that will give you total control over the form elements on your page without any additional markup or sophisticated JavaScript.

Skinnable Browser Dialogs 

Say goodbye to the boring default browser dialog boxes you are using on your website or online applications, here is Dialogs.JS! The component comes with custom alert, confirm and prompt boxes, a couple of handy JavaScript methods that emulate the behavior of the “real” browser dialogs, really small footprint and 12 skins that will fit […]

AJAX License Agreement Website Widget 

EULA.XML is an easy to setup, full of features and skinnable AJAX application that can be used to display license agreement wizards on web-pages. It is easy to customize, comes with a set of 4 confirmation modes (None, Checkbox, Radiobuttons, Dropdown), cool 12 skins with rounded corners, custom actions for the “Cancel” and “Finish” buttons, […]

CheckBox.XML – The AJAX Checkbox Decorator 

CheckBox.XML is an unobtrusive and almost codeless way to give the ordinary checkboxes cool looks and appeal and yet keep their native functionality, for example – keyboard support, client events, etc. All you have to do is to register the runtime scripts, set a skin, placeholder and add checkbox items in a simple XML file.

AJAX Field Validation 

I had the opportunity to respond to a forum question last week, “I have a form that when you submit it, it checks a field compared to a database, and if it does not match I want to redirect them back to to ASP page with the field in red indicating that it was invalid, […]